I am fascinated by the ideas of alternative universes and mystical states of mind. I investigate societal constructs and existential narratives of equality, hierarchy in nature versus technology, and human interaction and interrelatedness in the physical world. Whether tension or coexistence reigns in each of my pieces, all are ripened for renewal in eu-topia. Cultivating conversation about biodiversity, environmental sustainability, planetary stewardship and purposeful progress are territory that I navigate. It is a precipice where I imagine sitting down with Albert Einstein, Martin Buber and Plato. Legs dangle on the edge ready to leap into a science and philosophy mind-meld.

From this viewpoint, I create ethereal worlds in telescopic paintings and mixed media artwork. I experiment with varied viscosities of acrylic and oil paint, grittiness of sand paper and luminosity of stand oil. By design or accident, systems of saturated greens, reds, oranges and violets charge with intensity and texture. Layers of dripping and oozing abstraction become melting moss and floating fauna. 

Constellations of natural imagery and human made technologies that I pattern, weave in and out of existence like a game of celestial hide and seek. Clouds are the dominant playgrounds in which my deer, bulls, cement plants and water towers orbit. With the collision of content and materials, I aim to stimulate the experience of movement in my hybridized ecospheres. Their anomalies in scale symbolize every Alice who shrinks and expands in an unpredictable wonderland, as she/we navigate life’s dualities of harmony and tension, and control and chaos.